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AN-91 - BridgeSwitch PCB Configuration for 3-Phase Inverters

This application note compares the thermal performance of the triangular PCB configuration to the slotted linear PCB configuration with regards to case temperature rise above ambient temperature and temperature variations between adjacent BridgeSwitch devices.

AN-87 - BridgeSwitch in Single Phase BLDC Motor Drive

This application note describes the motor control theory and inverter drive implementation for a single-phase (BLDC) motor drive using BridgeSwitch.

AN-83 - BridgeSwitch Design Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting Guide

This application note provides answers to common BridgeSwitch technical questions.

AN-80 - BridgeSwitch FAULT Status Communication Interface

Download the code library: Bridgeswitch Code Library for FAULT Status Communication Interface

AN-79 - Wave Soldering Guidelines for InSOP and HSOP Packages

These guidelines apply to InSOP packages without bottom exposed pads (such as InSOP-24D). InSOP packages with bottom exposed pads (such as InSOP-24B, InSOP-24C) must be board mounted using IR/convection reflow.

AN-1601: Controlling SiC MOSFET Power Switches with SCALE-2 and SCALE-2+ Gate Drivers Cores and SCALE-iDriver Gate Driver ICs

This application note discusses procedures to optimize use SCALE gate drivers with SiC MOSFET switches.

AN-70 - LinkSwitch-TN2 Design Guide

This document describes the design procedure for buck and buck-boost converters using the LinkSwitch-TN2 family of integrated off-line switchers.

AN-303 - Qspeed Family RoHS Compliant Soldering Considerations

Qspeed Family RoHS Compliant Soldering Considerations

AN-302 - Qspeed Reverse Voltage Sharing of Series Rectifiers

Reverse Voltage Sharing of Series Rectifiers

AN-301 - Qspeed Reverse Recovery Charge, Current and Time

Reverse Recovery Charge, Current and Time

AN-300 - Qspeed High Temperature Reverse Bias (HTRB) Reliability Testing

Qspeed High Temperature Reverse Bias (HTRB) Reliability Testing

AN-1301: Do’s and Don’ts with SCALE™-2 Gate Drivers

This Application Note highlights important points that must be considered when using SCALE™-2 driver cores as well as plug-and-play drivers. It complements Application Note AN-1101 /1/.

AN-0902 Avoiding ESD with CONCEPT drivers

This Application Note describes the minimum requirements for preventing ESD during handling and assembly of all CONCEPT gate driver devices. CONCEPT products are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), as are MOSFETs and IGBT modules.

AN-1101 Application with SCALE-2 Gate Driver Cores

This application note will highlight important design rules and help to speed up the development time by showing detailed examples about how to design successfully IGBT drivers for industrial and traction applications. Considered SCALE-2 driver cores are: 2SC0108T, 2SC0435T, 2SC0650P and 1SC2060P.

AN-1001 IGBT and Mosfet Drivers Correctly Calculated

This application note describes the calculation of the gate drive performance figures required for a given application. The values as derived from this application note serve as a base for selecting the most appropriate driver.

AN-0904 Direct Paralleling of SCALE-2 Gate Driver Cores

Parallel-connected IGBTs are conventionally driven by a common driver, with individual gate and emitter resistors for each IGBT. An alternative approach to driving parallel-connected IGBT modules is to use an individual driver for each module.

AN-0901 Methodology for Controlling of CONCEPT Drivers

This application note describes the methodology for controlling multi-level converter topologies with SCALE-2 IGBT drivers in case of a fault. Multi-level converters use series-connected IGBTs to increase both the amplitude and switching frequency of the converter output voltage.

AN-0801 Mechanical Handling of CONCEPT Drivers

This application note describes the correct mechanical handling of CONCEPT drivers. It particularly points out that no excessive mechanical force should be applied to transformers.